Hong Kong International Summit on Chinese Medicine 2018
August 5, 2018
Gansu Investment Introduction and Marketing Event 2018
April 12, 2018

International Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival 2018

Organized by Phoenix Exhibitions and GC Strategic Communications co-organized by Beijing Tong Ren Tang, the Festival entered into the second year. Through organizing pluralistic activities, we aim at enhancing the breadth and depth of promoting Chinese medicine culture, passing on its spirit and highlighting its cultural status.

We interpret Chinese medicine culture through visual art, including projection mapping, interactive game “Chinese Medicine Garden”, documentary film Chinese Medicine without Frontier, installation arts, exhibition board story and book publishing etc. to display the recent history and process of how Chinese medicine is developed overseas. The festival, which was initiated in Hong Kong, was expanded to Beijing with the opening ceremony held at the Phoenix International Media Center. Government officials from China’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Beijing Municipal Government attended the ceremony. Afterwards, an exhibition was held at the West Building of the Cultural Palace of Nationalities. Later on, the documentary film Chinese Medicine without Frontier was premiered at HKCEC with exhibitions held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Subsequent roving screening was held at the Jao Tsung-I Academy of HK, Hong Kong Baptist University, University of Western Sydney, Los Angeles.