Help you plan & execute a full range of innovative marketing solutions

Our professional team provides a full range of innovative marketing solutions, covering conception, curation, production and event execution to achieve the goals and create value for client. Also by utilizing Phoenix's Omni-Media platform and organizing self-initiated events, we connect our client and sponsor with their target demographic.

Event Marketing

We provide comprehensive global marketing solutions covering large scale cultural activity, forum and conference, festival decoration, corporate and brand promotion, and media activity from event venue recommendation, curation, design and production, sponsorship line-up to event execution.

Exhibition Coordination & Organization

Tailor-made to meet client’s brand image and marketing goal, we create strategic plan of exhibition from conception, theme design, decoration to production, on-site decoration, custom-built booth and stand construction.

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

We provide one-stop online and offline services and integrate with social and digital technology on event promotion, strategic media planning, event public relations management, video promotion, animation production and shooting, brochure design, souvenir sourcing and promotion truck to create an incredible and immersive event experience.

Phoenix Omni-Media Advertising Plan

Phoenix Exhibitions can customize the advertising plan by utilizing Phoenix's Omni-Media platform -from ifeng.com, v.ifeng.com, ifeng app to outdoor LED advertising - to create a holistic approach in reaching your target demographic.